Copper water-How healthy is it ?


Copper has oligodynamic properties i .e.  it kills bacteria, mold, fungus and other microbes.  This is probably why ayurveda prescribes drinking a glass of copper infused water first thing in the morning even though the given reason is that it balances all the doshas .

It also explains why Kansa (copper and tin) and brass (copper and zinc) plates were used to eat from (in India) unless you were rich enough to afford silver, another proven oligodynamic.  But then, thanks to microwaves and dishwashers Corelle became the easy option .

Actually as I read a bit more on copper, I found there was a time when the bottoms of ships were coated with copper to ward of decay causing  lichen, and surgical instruments were also made of silver and copper. I also read that hospital door knobs made of brass self -disinfect after a few hours. Growing up, as far as I remember all door knobs and drawer knobs used to be made of brass presumably because they were constantly touched. Nice bit of germ containment !

Most of this does not deal with ingesting copper but ayurveda does prescribe it.

You  will find a lot of material on the wonderful benefits of drinking copper water online but with metals you have to be careful as they can build up toxicity in the system. (So can vitamins – you  have to go off Vitamin A and D after a prescribed number of days. )

Too much copper can impact the liver and kidneys and can start leaching iron from the body. There is a condition called copper toxicity so even if you do drink a glass of water a day with copper ions, take a break every two months for a couple of days.

Some people may have elevated levels of copper already if on medication or birth control so check with your doctor even though a glass a day is probably safe.

One glass in the morning should do the trick. Don’t sip this water through the day.

Ayurveda prescribes that water should be in a copper jug for a minimum of eight hours so that copper ions infuse it. Naturally you need pure copper. If you haven’t inherited a copper lota or glasses from your grandmother look for a copper glass/jug that seems rough and unfinished. If it is very smooth and finished chances are it has been mixed with something else as pure copper is a soft metal.

Don’t use copper cooking vessels as they can react to acidic foods unless the copper is sandwiched between other metal or just coated on the outside.

I am not a chemist though as I get further immersed in the beauty business I wish I had studied chemistry but as always make an informed choice – don’t just follow something because it is an ancient practise or trendy new age thing .

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  1. Mukesh Chauhan says:

    Copper infused water is not recommended to people having pitta vikar (acidity). Silver (Ag) pot water is better for such people.

    1. Geeta Rao says:

      Thanks this is important to know . silver is an anti inflammatory so that explains why .

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